Warranty and ADP Information

A Corp Computers is the first point of contact for all warranty and accidental damage claims.

To log a warranty or ADP claim with A Corp Computers, the following process must be undertaken:

Step 1 - Send email notification of your warranty claim to sja-support@acorpcomputers.com.au

  • Please provide your contact name, phone number, email address.
  • Include a detailed description of the problem
  • For accidental damage claims, please provide the detailed circumstances on how the accident occurred.
  • For accidental damage claims, please attach photos of the damage to the email.
Step 2 - Your request will be received and responded to within 4 hours during business hours (9am-5pm Monday-Friday).
  • For warranty jobs, a technician will contact you to run through basic troubleshooting steps. If problem remains unresolved, you will continue to step 3.
  • For accidental damage claims, a technician may contact you to clarify any details around the damage or circumstances on how it occurred.

Step 3 - Upon approval, you will be emailed a letter detailing the support request. This letter will also include authorisation to obtain a loan device from the school.

Step 4 - Print the letter, attach it to the outside of the unit and take the device to school. Give the unit and letter to the IT Support Office.

Step 5 - An HP or Acer technician will arrive onsite to repair the device.

Step 6 - You will be notified of the completed repair and instructed to pick the device up from the IT Support Officer.

  • If you obtained a loan device this MUST be returned. If it is not returned, you will NOT be able to collect your device.

Step 7 - Case will be closed.